Thinking of getting ON1 Perfect Resize

341[951] Now that I think I am back into a posting routine I am thinking (again) about getting ON1 Perfect Resize so that I can better increase the size of smaller high heels pictures that I find on the Web. One of the aims of my site is post the pictures that I find looking better than how I found them. Which is why some single posts can take up to two hours to get to the published point.

However, so often I come across a picture of a stunner in high heels that I really like, but it is just too small to post here; and even after using my resizing techniques it still does not work out very good.

I would be very interested if anyone has used ON1 Resize and how they have found it for upsizing JPGs from the Web. I have no doubt that it works quite well when upsizing a picture taken using a good digital camera, where there is lots of information in the file even if the picture is small. But the trouble with images off the Web is that they are not only small, but they have been compressed significantly and compressing--which has nothing to do with the size of the picture--removes so much information from the picture file that could be used in upsizing it.

For whatever reason, ON1 never seem to have a free trial available for this this product.

New site link: All Things Sexy

340[950] I found a new high heels site last night. Although the banner on the site says "All Things Sexy" the URL says "highheels-nom-nom-nom". So I am not totally sure what the site name really is. But I guess I will go with "All Things Sexy" even though, once you go to the site, it is obviously a high heels site as every picture features sexy high heels.

Look at this stunning shot from All Things Sexy.

This is a really nice picture featuring cock-teasing high heels.

If you are here using a desktop computer then you MUST click this picture and see it larger.

I have not done any of my 'magical' photo fixing on this image. This is exactly as I found it on All Things Sexy. My only complaint would be that I wish it was level; but if I level it in Photoshop then I have to crop a large part of the picture away—as shown below.


I do prefer it level, but then I would have to chop part of her hand off (which always makes a picture look a little odd), and even a bit of her knee.

Most of the pictures on All Things Sexy are good to look at, but many of them cannot be viewed larger--or if they can be viewed larger then not much larger. Take the following picture as an example. It is only 564 pixels wide.

So, even though I have the SquareSpace lightbox enabled, when you click on it (assuming you are using a desktop computer or a laptop computer with a larger screen) you will not see it any bigger. And because there is little or no depth in the JPG it does not enlarge very well. It starts to 'sheen' very quickly (as below) where I have enlarged it to 900 pixels wide (click image to see larger).

At first I though all the cuties in the picture above were the same person, but after a little more careful consideration I decided they were not. But they certainly all have a very similar facial appearance.

Anyway, apart from all that, there are some very sensual pictures of hotties in heels at All Things Sexy, including this one of Jennifer Lawrence ... who apparently did not 'discover' high heels until she was 22. All I can say to that is she must have been going out with the wrong kind of men.

You can find All Things Sexy here and I will add this new site to my links page when I get around to it.

Time to check my links and see that they all still work

339[949] I last checked that the links on my links page all still worked back in April this year (2017). I think it is probably time to check them again.

The first problem I hit was when I tried the link to Sweet Heels. I got the following.


I can assure you that my browser is NOT in safe mode. So I think that the people at Sweet Heels have put their site into Tumblr 'Safe' mode. Which then requires you to create an account to get into the site.


This situation got even more interesting when I tried the link to Just Heels. I got the same thing. I needed to create an account before I could access the site. Only this time the blocking page was pink.

And then the same thing when trying to access the Beautiful Women site. Very odd.

I suspect that maybe Yahoo, who I think now owns Tumblr, is going through and getting people with Tumblr sites with X,XX, or XXX rated content to enable the requirement for those who want to access them to create an account.

On the upside, all the links on my links page still work. But some of them now require that you login.

If my theory is correct about Yahoo wanting X, XX, and XXX sites blocked with the requirement for you to login, then I guess we can expect many of the other sites on Tumblr ending up like this.

Time for some pictures from 4Chan

338[948] I have not been to 4Chan for a long time. I am going to say that I have not been to 4Chan at all this year--until now.

It is interesting how you can sort of forget about some sites you used to visit semi-regularly.

Anyway, so here are six pictures of not-too-bad quality that I pulled of 4Chan for you today.

I am NOT a fan of ladies with tattoos, but this first picture won me over with all the vivid colours and the bright blue heels.

I did a post once about the places models have to pose for their sexy high heels pictures. This would have been a good example to include in that post.

Like the red heels with the black dress--which looks like it could be leather.

This next one was quite small (360x800), but I thought it was worth posting and I have done my best to up-size it without it becoming to crappy.

This picture still had the Exif data on it and it was taken using a Samsung S7 smartphone. To me this suggests this was taken by a boyfriend or husband of their girlfriend or wife. No 'professional' or even semi-professional pictures are taken using a smartphone.

I must confess, I do find the thought of her naked in high heels looking out a motel or apartment window quite arousing. I wonder if she did too?

Not too sure what she is stretching out on, but it does not look that comfy.