A friend's request—Eva Green in heels

449 [1,059] A friend asked to me to see what I could find of Eva Green in heels.

It turns out that Eva is not a big fan of heels so this undertaking was a bit of a challenge.

There is even a quote in the Internet attributed to Eva along the lines of “Life is too short to be wearing high heels”.

However, even so, Eva does look very sexy in heels.

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Google search is always down in the 'Others'

447 [1,057] It continues to interest me that people who are arriving at my site via a search seem not to be using Google search.

As you can see from the “Visits by Source” pie below the Yahoo! search engine is number 1, and has been at the number 1 slot since at least March of this year (2019). Then Microsoft’s Bing search (which is what I tend to use mostly because I like how they order the lists) and the ‘we don’t watch where you go’ DuckDuckGo search flip flop for 2nd and 3rd.

But Google has not shown up in the Top 3 since at least March.


I don’t know if any of my readers run Web sits, but if you do I would be interested to know that your Top 3 look like.

Here is a useful thinking picture to help you with this assignment.

That magical moment as she slides those sexy heels on

445 [1,055] I don’t think I will ever get tired of that moment when my heel wearer, or any women I get the pleasure to observe, slides her body into those magical high heels. I swear that a little golden glow tremors through her body. A little glow of sexiness and fun.

I will make a small confession here. In my earlier days I did sometimes hang around outside shoe shops just to see girls trying on heels. It was especially convenient in those cases where there was seating in the mall-way outside the shoe shop. I could sit out there slowly eating something while watching inside the store.

Loved watching them put the heels on then stand in front of those full length mirrors that they have in shoe stores. Watching them checking out the sexiness effect of the heels before buying them. Haven’t done that for a long time now.