Been a while since I posted . . .

395 [1,005] I has been a while since I posted (not counting the two previous posts). Just before Xmas actually.

But . . . Addicted to Heels is still here. In August it will be seven years that this site has existed.

A lot of things have happened since just before Xmas. My lady and I have moved house into a place we have purchased (or at least are purchasing via a mortgage). This is the first time I have not been renting since I moved out of my parents place. It’s a little scary having a mortgage, but because the property prices are currently down in Western Australia we bough a place we really like for about $50,000 less than we would have paid this time last year.

More about everything that has been happening in future posts. But in the meantime please enjoy this picture.

Happy and Safe Xmas break to all my readers

392[1,002] This post is just to wish all my readers a safe and happy Xmas period.

Due to a couple of recent issues with my site being determined to be ‘dangerous’ by McAfee Web secure and Google no longer indexing my site, the number of visitors has dropped.

But to all of you that know my site by its address or have my site in your favourites I hope you all get through Xmas without mishap and ease into the New Year the way you want.

I don’t have a Xmas themed high heels shot that I can find in my trove of pictures, but I hope you will find the following picture worthy.

I am not an optimist but maybe Google will start indexing my site again in the New Year … but probably not.

"Dangerous Site" rating Issue could be McAfee Webadvisor

391[1001] Based on the following comment from Darmo, the issue I reported in the previous post seems to be related more with McAfee Webadvisor than the Chrome browser. Darmo uses Chrome and has the Avast virus scanning tool and is still able to access Addictedtoheels without a “Dangerous Site” warning.


To be honest I am not an IT expert and I am not too sure what is going on, but whatever it is my site visits have plummeted. As you can see from the following monthly chart from SquareSpace.

I have a small uptick today of five visits, but prior to that it was zeros and ones—the one could have been Darmo. Thanks Darmo for sticking with me.

In the meantime, for those still managing to make it to my site . . .

A nice illustration of heels causing the ‘butt out’, ‘curved back’ and ‘boobs forward’ effect us heterosexual males tend to find very enticing.