"Dangerous Site" rating Issue could be McAfee Webadvisor

391[1001] Based on the following comment from Darmo, the issue I reported in the previous post seems to be related more with McAfee Webadvisor than the Chrome browser. Darmo uses Chrome and has the Avast virus scanning tool and is still able to access Addictedtoheels without a “Dangerous Site” warning.


To be honest I am not an IT expert and I am not too sure what is going on, but whatever it is my site visits have plummeted. As you can see from the following monthly chart from SquareSpace.

I have a small uptick today of five visits, but prior to that it was zeros and ones—the one could have been Darmo. Thanks Darmo for sticking with me.

In the meantime, for those still managing to make it to my site . . .

A nice illustration of heels causing the ‘butt out’, ‘curved back’ and ‘boobs forward’ effect us heterosexual males tend to find very enticing.

Seriously !! Addictedtoheels is dangerous ??

390[1000] Seriously !! Addictedtoheels is dangerous ?? WTF !!

Very risky . . . sheeeez.

This is not what I intended as the 1,000th post to this site, but this morning as I checked the site using the Chrome browser I get the following.


This warning does not happen (yet, anyway) using the Microsoft Edge browser or the Opera browser. I don’t have FireFox installed so I cannot check with FireFox.

Trust me. Addictedtoheels is the same site it was six years ago when it was started. Has anyone ever picked up malicious code from this site? NO! There is no malicious code here. Nobody has ever managed to get into the site. SquareSpace logs all access and would alert me. I check login attempts every time I post. Nobody has ever even tried to get in.

As for there being pornography here, I say no. While I would agree the site is R rated (should probably only be viewed by minors with adult supervision—but I would even debate that these days) I am adamant there are no X rated posts here. No bare pussy. No sexual acts. No hint at sexual acts.

Just stunningly beautiful pictures of women looking amazing wearing sexy high heels.

With this 1,000th post is this the end of Addictedtoheels?

Not much point spending 20 to 30 minutes editing-up pictures and then doing the posts if the most popular browser on the Web is going to turn people away from my site.

Well, I will post my mandatory picture of a stunner in high heels that I put in every post. But most likely almost nobody is going to see it.

Google is not indexing Addictedtoheels !!! But Bing is . . .

389[999] I don’t know why, but for the last seven (7) days Google has not been indexing this site. It has wiped it from its results.

If I do a Google search for ‘arousing high heels’ there is not a single hit in the 11 pages of search hits refering to Addictedtoheels.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is still indexing my site. The same search using Bing brings up Addictedtoheels on the first page at position 8.

The new anti-Google DuckDuckGo search engine is also still indexing Addictedtoheels.

If you would like to give the DuckDuckGo search engine a go for yourself then the following image links to the search engine.

In the meantime, just for anyone who has come directly to this page or got here via a search engine other than Google . . .

I just checked an old favourite search engine of mine, Dogpile, and it brought up my site as the first non-advert hit. Wow! I like Dogpile. Maybe I should change it back to my default search engine.

"are high heels porn" posted in 2014

388[998] After putting up the previous post about Tumblr outlawing porn from the 17th of Dec I remembered that I had a post on this site about high heels being porn.

I looked back and found the post. It was in January of 2014 (link to post).

There were a number of comments to this post. This was back in a time when site visitors put in comments … just saying.

I am not sure if the comments were shared back then so I thought I would share them now.

This first comment is from Craig.


So, Craig gives a reasonably considered opinion about high heels being porn. I think the conclusion is that they are basically not porn.

‘jjkillen’ agrees that heels make girls look much more sexy but he does not think heels are porn.


As you can probably gather from his nickname, ‘seeheelsmustwank’ is of the solid opinion that high heels are porn.


‘heelcum’ is of the same opinion—heels are porn.


And ‘heemakemehard’, which I am pretty sure was supposed to be heelsmakemehard, is of the same opinion as the previous two commenters. Heels are porn.


Applying the rule that anything that makes a heterosexual male’s become aroused and want to cum is porn plus the tiny sample set of comments above then the outcome would be that high heels are porn.

Any new thoughts or input?

Tumblr to ban 'adult' content from 17th Dec

387[997] Various news sites are reporting that Tumblr is planning to ban all ‘adult’ content as from the 17th of Dec.

The following is from The Verve article by Shannon Liao on the 3rd of Dec (full article here):

Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions, the company tells The Verge. The new policy’s announcement comes just days after Tumblr was removed from Apple’s iOS App Store over a child pornography incident, but it extends far beyond that matter alone. “Adult content will no longer be allowed here,” the company flatly stated in a blog post published on Monday.

Banned content includes photos, videos, and GIFs of human genitalia, female-presenting nipples, and any media involving sex acts, including illustrations. The exceptions include nude classical statues and political protests that feature nudity. The new guidelines exclude text, so erotica remains permitted. Illustrations and art that feature nudity are still okay — so long as sex acts aren’t depicted — and so are breastfeeding and after-birth photos.

After December 17th, any explicit posts will be flagged and deleted by algorithms. For now, Tumblr is emailing users who have posted adult content flagged by algorithms and notifying them that their content will soon be hidden from view. Posts with porn content will be set to private, which will prevent them from being reblogged or shared elsewhere in the Tumblr community.

There are a few problems with this. They mention “porn-related communities” to be eradicated. Defining porn is a tricky challenge these days. Are a woman’s bare breasts considered porn? I suspect that the answer to that would be no … for the majority of people in the Western World.

I am also unsure what the full extent of switching sites to “Private” mode means.

Also they state that “ . . . any explicit posts will be flagged and deleted by algorithms”. I wonder how accurate these algorithms will be and how will they effectively define “explicit posts”.

Hopefully beautiful pictures like this featuring arousing sexy high heels will not be affected.

This picture is obviously a picture of the high heels as the sexy shoes are in pencil point sharp focus, whereas the face of the model is not.

Very appealing photograph.