Checking the site "Legs and Heels" still exists

437 [1,047] Just checking on one of the sites in my “High Heels Links” page. Checking on “Legs and Heels”.


Sad to report that this site has gone. It is no longer there. Phoof. Kaput.

I offer the following picture for you to absorb while you contemplate the sad loss of high heels sites from the Web.

This reminds me of a post I did some time ago about the poses that the photographers put these models in sometimes. This pose sure does not look natural, nor does it look comfortable.

My biggest posting month since Oct 2014

436 [1,046] According to my figuring I took this site over from Christine and her friends in late August 2014 after they had been running it for two years. My biggest posting month after that was October of that year when I posted 32 times in the month. I am not sure how the postings were spaced, but by simple division that works out to slightly just more than a post per day.

Well, with this post I hit 26 for this month (August, 2019) and that makes this month—five years later—my second biggest posting month since I started posting to this site. Just goes to show what happens when you get a new PC. You get all motivated again.

I am pretty sure this is the first picture I have posted where the cutie has nipple jewelry. That would be because I am not into ladies putting bars through their nipples. Not at all. She has a tattoo as well. I am also not into tattoos. But I do like her legs and heels.

In this picture I played with making the background darker and kind of grunge, and to put the main light on her and her heels. It kind of worked.

As I say, every picture posted here has been ‘enhanced’ by me in some way or the other.

Now that's how hot chicks (should) play the pokies

434 [1,044] Now and then I have considered subscribing to Playboy, but it is one of those things I have never actually pushed the button on.

When I came across the above picture on 4Chan showing this hot model working the poker machines with her sexy high heel on it reminded me about so I had another look at the site.

It looks like they have subscription plans as low at US$4.16 per month, which is probably going to be about $6.00 Australian. I am not sure what you get in this basic plan.

Any of my readers happen to be members? Is it worth the monthly cost?

Checking the site "Sultry Heels" still exists

433 [1,043] Checking in the site “Sultry Heels” from my High Heels Links page.

This site still exists and is being updated, and the ratings are pretty much the same as I gave them when I put this site on my links page.

The following image is from the site and I would just like to comment that I think she has on pretty much the perfect length skirt to go with those heels. I think she know it too!