Three Hi-res images from 4Chan

374[984] Anyone familiar with the 4Chan site will know that there are pictures of eye-candy for men posted by contributors on the ‘Sexy Beautiful Women’ board (the /s/ board). But these pictures tend to be low resolution.

There is also the ‘High Resolution’ board which is for the general sharing of high resolution images (the /hr/ board).

While the ‘High Resolution’ board is for high resolution pictures of anything, and often features very high resolution pictures of machinery, space, cars, etc., there are often high resolution pictures of celebs or other cuties that are posted here.

Here are three images that I picked from the ‘High Resolution’ board on 4Chan last week featuring stunners showing off their hotness in sexy high heels.

I think all three of these are stunning pictures and they are further enhanced by the models wearing amazing fuck-me heels.


As I was editing the next picture for posting, which mostly involves cropping and resizing, I really came to enjoy it more and more. I really like dark or black hair, especially when the owner puts red lipstick with it as the model in this picture has.

While I think blue heels might have worked better in this picture (with the black hair), I got used to the canary yellow heels the more I worked with the image.

Below, just for fun, is the above image as I found it before my editing.

It is bit hard to tell, but apart from cropping and resizing, I also dialled down the saturation a bit. Notice the pink railing in the background behind her has been dialled down. Also you can see I dialled down the brightness of the yellow of her high heels to make them look more ‘natural’. Well, they do to me anyway.

It is subtle, but it makes a difference.

Note that the following image will not enlarge when clicked (as the image above will do).


A bit of history for new readers of the site

373[983] Long time readers of this page will know that is was originally started by Christine and her friends back in August of 2012.

Just to very briefly share a bit of the history for new readers, I took over this site from Christine and friends in August 2014. I was then, and still am, seriously obsessed with the vision of ladies wearing high heels and as Christine posted on the site that she was going to shut down the Addicted-to-Heels I had this idea that I could do it.

At the time I was out of work, and was very much encouraged by my girlfriend at the time, so I got in contact with Christine and asked about taking over the site.

But I was very new to posting on a Web site and the editing and sizing of pictures for posting. I had a lot to learn. On the upside, I did know my way around a computer reasonably well and in those early days I was constantly in contact with Christine. She actually checked many of my early posts for me.

This is the posting from Christine when I took over the site in August 2014.

I realise there have been some posting lulls here and there. Particularly after I broke up with my old girlfriend. That event kind of shattered me at the time. Even after all this time I sometimes still replay that memory of finding her in our apartment naked except for heels and a undone bikini top with two men from her work.

It was bad enough she was cheating on me, but it added something more upsetting that she was also sharing my heels fetish with them and she was wearing a pair of heels that I had bought her.

That same day I left Perth and went back ‘home’ to Australind/Bunbury.

It is trickly to know ‘how much’ to share on a site like this, but as that event is now well behind me and all my friends now know about what happened. Also I had never shared my ex-girlfriends name on the site so I think it is okay to just include the basics of what happened back then.

After a long period of thinking ‘all girls are evil and are out to destroy you’ I accidently met my new lady love. That happened around March last year and we have been together seriously now for over a year.

So that means I have been posting to this site for over four years. The site itself has been going for over six years.

So, as I finish, as always, here is a picture of a cutie showing off her considerable assets with the added sensual enhancement that wearing heels bestows upon her.

Thinking about re-posting from the past

372[982] My beautiful lady has made a suggestion about my postings on this site.


She has actually spent some time looking back over old posts and she has suggested that I go back over some of the past posts and kind of re-post them.

This kind of sounds like a good idea. Even if I just pick on posts between when the site was started by Christine and her friends and up to December 2015.

Her theory is that most new visitors to this site are most likely only going back two or three pages at most. So they look at maybe 15 posts. They/you miss out on all the much older posts.

So I am thinking of trying this out.

For those that know the history of this site, I will most likely not re-post articles from the period of my ex-girlfriend. But I can still re-post the pictures from those posts without the text.

If you think this is a bad idea then do a ‘Like’ on this post.

Just to say that again because it is kind of backwards, only click on the ‘Like’ if you think I should not do re-posts of pictures and text from old posts and some of the text up to December 2015.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of this stunner in her high heels showing us what she has on under her overcoat.

Great location and a stunning pose in her sexy heels

371[981] I really like the pose that the photographer has this cutie in. As I have talked about in previous posts, the poor models in some of these high heels pictures have to assume some really tricky poses. But this pose looks kind of normal.

Nice outfit and heels. And a nice location.

I would love to get paid to take pictures like this. I might need to do some study on photography first for a couple of years, but this is a ‘job’ I could truly enjoy doing.