Three triples from Heels Land

299[909] I very rarely post pictures with multiple hotties in them, but just for fun here are three pictures from Heels-Land today with each featuring three hotties in high heels.

You can have fun picking you personal favourite stunner in high heels from each picture.

My absolute favourite in the following picture is the girl on the left. I like my ladies a bit pale. I find that very arousing. It helps that she is wearing sexy heels as well. I do have a thing for black hair as well, but in this case that beautiful pale skin wins the day.

If you want to check out Heels Land yourself—it is worth the visit—then you will find the link to the site on my High Heels Links page (in the sidebar).

By request (sort of)—Featuring fishnet stockings

298[908] I am not a very big fan of fishnet stockings but I have a couple of friends who are. At their suggestion/request I have tried to find some pictures of cuties showing off their hotness in high heels wearing fishnet stockings.

It was actually not that easy finding useful quality pictures of ladies in fishnet stockings and wearing high heels. Even though there are a few sites that have such pictures, for whatever reason the posted pictures tend to be of quite low quality. There were lots of pictures showing just the legs but no face and/or no heels, and one of my 'rules' is that the stunner's face must be at least partially revealed.

Hence a couple of the following pictures are not of the quality typically posted on this site; even after applying my digital enhancement skills they are still not the best.

This next one is kind of interesting. I cannot work out if the fishnet stockings are part of the dress or not. Is the dress under the fishnet 'top'? But the fishnet top looks too even and perfect to be on over the top of the dress. I am almost certain the fishnet part is part of the dress—it is all the one garment. But my girlfriend thinks it is separate and that it was just very carefully adjusted before the picture was taken.

I realise that fishnet stockings are supposed to be sexy and slutty but for me, if the girls were not wearing high heels with them, the fishnets by themselves would border on boring. FIshnet stockings alone do nothing for me.

A couple of years ago when we were back in Australind my girlfriend went to the trouble of buying a pair of garter-belt style in dark yellow panty-hose fishnets (where the fake garter belt is part of the hose) to wear to a bros and hoes party. Because they are not my thing I don't think she has ever worn them since. I am not sure she even still has them.

Showing off my picture enlarging skills

297[907] As a general rule I don't post pictures that are less than 1400 pixels wide for landscape orientation pictures, or 1000 pixels high for tall pictures. Because of this there are a lot of pictures that I really like that I don't post. Although I have done a couple of 'special' group postings where I have posted a collection of under-sized pictures in the one posting.

However, over the last few months I have been finding ways to enlarge pictures using Photoshop while still keeping them to a reasonable quality.

Following is an example. The first picture is as it was saved from the Web. The second picture is my digitally enhanced picture with a 50% size increase.

As well as resizing the image I have corrected to the colour (the original has a blue colour cast), applied a slight degree of de-haze (the original seemed a little foggy to me),  and added my border. That's all.

Please give me a "Like" if you think my enlargement looks okay--anyone who has tried enlarging pictures will know the problems that can occur.

OR ... if you know a way of enlarging images using Photoshop that provides a better outcome then PLEASE let me know. You can e-mail (by using the cleverly disguised e-mail address on this page--in the sidebar), or you can leave a comment maybe with a link to a site. But remember, all I have is Photoshop and I don't really want to have to buy and learn any special enlarging software.

Trying out the girlfriend's Surface Pro

296[906] Life is much better. My own personal high heels wearer has returned from her few days down at Australind. She came back yesterday afternoon. It is so so good to have her back.

On the downside she has to go to work at midday.

I am currently using her Surface Pro 3 to do this post. I wanted to see how hard, or not, it was using Photoshop on the Surface Pro screen. It is not as 'good' as working with a full sized monitor but hopefully the following picture has worked out okay.

I love the yellow cock-teasing heels matched with the pink bikini bottom.

When I do the borders I almost always use the picker tool to sample a key colour from the image and then use that for the border. I wanted to use the yellow from those amazing eye-catching heels but when I tried it the border did not look right. So I ended up sampling the bikini bottom.

I also increased the highlights in her hair, and the picture has been up-sized from 900 pixels tall to 1200 pixels tall ... which is always challenging to do.

Obviously it also helps that she has her beautiful primaries thrust forward like that to full effect.