Wearing high heels on a boat has to be challenging

399 [1,009] There was no branding on this picture, but it looks very much like a Playboy picture to my experienced eye. Perfect lighting (even in this tricky setting with all the whites), stunning model, great pose, and sharp. But I could be wrong.

Sadly, I have never experience the thrill of being on a boat with ladies wearing heels.

I do wonder how they manage. High heels must be a bit of challenge on steady land. Getting around in such sexy shoes on a moving boat must be much more of a challenge.

I wonder what my beautiful lady would say if I asked to her to wear heels for me on a boat? Firstly, however, I would need to arrange a suitable boat.

A quick pick of four pictures from 4Chan

398 [1,008] It is a long time since I have had a look at 4Chan. At least three months as it would have been sometime before Xmas.

I have just done a check of 4Chan and found a current high heels thread. Following are four pictures that I thought were worthy of cleaning up an posting.

I really like this next shot. She is a cutie. And while I am not a huge fan of boots, these ankle or calf style high-heels boots are very sexy. To my mind it is kind of like she is with her boyfriend and she is telling him “Stop perving on my legs while I do my shoe up”.

This next shot is really sexy too. I love the black and white treatment.

A kind of awkward pose, but those bright red peep-toe style heels do look amazing.

Tumblr blocking 'objectionable' content

397 [1,007] Something that happened while I stopped posting is that Tumblr started blocking ‘objectionable’ content. Which basically means pictures of naked, or near naked, ladies.

This will mean no more pictures like this picture on Tumblr any more.

I find this a bit sad.

While I can understand Tumblr wanting to block X rated porn I think it is a shame that this will also mean that stunningly beautiful pictures like the one above getting blocked.