Checking my links: Legs and Heels is okay

313[923] Glad to be able to report that the site Legs and Heels from my High Heels Links page is still up and posting.

Here are few posts from Legs and Heels today.

Having fun in her stunning red heels. Nice dress too.

She looks to be so happy showing off her hotness in those sexy high heels. I like it when stunners are obviously having fun teasing cock in their high heels.

The photographer who took this picture obviously had the focus point spot on those arousing heels. They are in pin-sharp focus. Her face and bare boobies might be slightly out of focus, but those shoes are perfectly in focus. He must have been a true professional--takes more than bare boobies to get his focus off those sexy heels.

Just in from work ... couple of pictures before I start dinner

312[922] Fancy having to work on a Sunday. But I guess it's fair because I don't work on Mondays or Tuesdays. Also, this weekend my new lady love is up in Perth visiting friends and won't be back until late tonight.

So, before I start making my dinner, here are a couple of pictures of beautiful ladies showing off their insane hotness in sexy high heels.

I am generally not a big fan of heels with platforms this high, but these seem to work on her. Although with platforms as high as this it often make them look awkward when they walk.

Make sure you click on this babe to see her bigger (assuming you have a bigger screen). She is seriously beautiful and has great legs. I really like those very sexy high heels. They have about the perfect platform height and a beautiful arch.

You have to give it to the photographers at Playboy. They do know how to take amazing pictures of near-naked ladies.

Checking my links: the Heels and More Heels site is still there

311[921] The high heels site "Heels and More Heels" is still up and posting.

Here a few pictures from that site today for you to appraise and appreciate.

Sigh. Having her stripper heels on in bed during sex play. Always so good.

Interesting leggings. I wonder if she wears them to gym?

So annoying when you have to stop in the middle of the street and adjust your sexy heels.

Checking my links: Sweet Heels is still responding

310[920] Sweet Heels has been around since I first started scanning the Web for arousing picture of ladies wearing heels. And they are still there.

Here are a couple of pictures from the Sweet Heels site today for you to appreciate.

For some reason I like old fashioned style settings.

Note that the pictures at Sweet Heels tend to be reduced size.

Sex Act Warning /// Also, while you rarely come across any bare pussy pictures, there is the occasional sex act picture sprinkled in here and there.

Check my "High Heels Links" page (shown in the sidebar) to find the link to Sweet Heels.